Crochet Companion Cube

I spent the last week making this for my dad for fathers day. One crocheted companion cube. I took inspiration from a couple of other peoples takes on the companion cube:

One here:
A knitted one:
And another crocheted:

So I decided to come up with my own pattern for one. Mine is a miniture (About 15cm x 15ccm x 15cm) , as I only had 4 days to complete it and I’m not the fastest crocheter on the block. Anywho… here’s the result, and a link to my pattern in PDF form:

Companion Cube Pattern – Typo Fixed (Updated 21-04-2013)

Oh, and my pattern is loosely based off this easy crochet cube pattern. (Converted to work from the corners out rather than starting with the base face and working up)

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