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      Hayley-Bear Beanie

      Just finished a teddy bear beanie for Hayley. It was super fun to make, I hope it fits!

      Brown wool is : Naturelle Chunky 14 ply 100% pure NZ wool.
      Pink wool is : Mill Shop, Quick Knit 45% acrylic, 45% wool, 10% mohair. (feels like plastic when crocheting though….)

      Approx Size : Small-Medium Women’s.

      Pattern Follows:

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      Non bootie crochet projects

      Over the past couple of months I’ve been trying my hand at non-bootie crochet projects aswell. These are mainly still baby related as they’re nice, small projects that keep my interest long enough to get finished. I’ve also made a couple of grownup hats. Some projects I’ve made from free patterns on the interwebs (URLs for these are listed in the description for each item), the rest were crochet-as-you-go sorta things.

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